SABSA Training and Certification Courses

Across its global markets, ALC is the world's largest accredited provider of training courses, certification and professional consulting services in SABSA, the internationally-proven framework for Information Security Architecture and Service Management providing a holistic business-driven approach for cohesive security solutions to business and government.

SABSA now has large-scale global adoption by government and corporates, and is being embedded into TOGAF by a working group during 2011.


ALC 'Best-Practice' Frameworks

A key feature of IT today is the focus on improved management of IT processes. Whilst technology and innovation are and always will be at the core of IT, the events of recent years have placed a strong emphasis on improved ways of doing and managing.

In its international markets ALC has for many years provided IT professionals with a comprehensive training program covering the most important 'best practice' frameworks in IT today, and was the pioneer in bringing the SABSA Certification scheme to Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

  • SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) for Information Security training and certification courses include:
  1. Foundation (run several times a year in each country)
  2. Advanced Modules: Practitioner Certification that also counts towards SABSA Masters Certification - run less frequently, naturally, but still regularly.
  3. Specialist Classes (formerly called Master Classes), shorter courses on specific topics like Enterprise Risk Management, Securing Your ITIL Environment, and so on.

Certification Training and Examinations

ALC is the first to bring the latest in SABSA Certification Training to the European and North American markets.

Illustrating the ALC approach to best-of-breed training, our courses are covered by "the man who wrote the book". SABSA training is presented by either David Lynas, co-author of both the methodology and its bible, Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business-Driven Approach, or John Sherwood - the "S" in SABSA.

SABSA courses include the certification examinations at the end of the week's training.


ALC maintains a strict policy of neutrality and vendor independence. There are no overt or hidden commercial arrangements with suppliers of hardware or software. We offer only education, advice and support and these come at all times 'without fear or favour'.